Are You Choosing the Right Office Moving Service?

It is often said that nothing is certain except change itself. A changing and growing business often requires a new location to accommodate business growth, new opportunities etc. Office relocation cannot be taken lightly because of the need to move the entire contents of the office including furniture, documents, office assets (which sometimes includes machines). Not to mention the pressure to ensure that the business can operate normally as quickly as possible without being disturbed by office relocation activities.

Southern Express Packers and Movers in Hyderabad provides the best office moving services with comprehensive services and competitive prices. We work hard to ensure that the office move process is as smooth as possible. If you are looking for an office moving service specialist, you are in the right hands.

With so many moving companies offering a wide variety of services and pricing plans, you may feel overwhelmed.

Here are our advantages over similar moving companies:

Experienced in handling various types of projects

Southern Express has served office moving services with various companies and agencies, both large and small. In order to be able to handle a moving project of this size, it is ensured that only companies with sufficient experience can handle it.

Simply by contacting Southern Express, you will get the most complete services ranging from goods packaging services, unloading and installation, moving special equipment such as generators, safes, etc. You don’t need to contact multiple vendors to do several different jobs. We will handle everything.

Here are the services we provide:

1. Goods Packing Service

Your employees may feel too overwhelmed with the amount of items that need to be packed before the move. Not to mention there are many items that should receive special handling because they are at risk of being damaged due to collisions in transit. Southern Express IBA Approved Packers and Movers Hyderabad provides complete packing services using a variety of packaging equipment such as: cardboard, wooden pallets, wooden crates, full boxes/lift vans, wooden pallets for heavy equipment/heavy cargo up to containers.

2. Furniture Disassembly Service

Southern Express offers office furniture assembly and disassembly services. Disassembling furniture looks easy but actually requires its own expertise. One-one even your furniture will be damaged if the disassembly method is not correct.

3. Moving Servers, Computers and other IT (Information Technology) Devices

Do not let you choose the wrong Office Relocation Service in Hyderabad. Servers are not only high-priced, but also very vital for the company’s business operations. The Southern Express team, as server switching specialists, understands that there are many issues and problems that can arise when you move hardware. We use neat packaging standards and take great care when handling your server and ensure that the migration process runs as quickly as possible to minimize down time.

4. Goods Custody Services / Warehouse Rental Services

Your company may have old documents or files that still need to be kept but can’t be moved to a new office. We provide storage solutions for you with competitive prices and flexible schemes. Our facilities include CCTV, security personnel overseeing the warehouse area, and utilities such as electricity and water.

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