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Office Relocation Services:

Office Relocation Service in Hyderabad: An Office Move is a sizable project – there’s nothing simpler than relocating a team of employees with office supplies, not to mention if you have to move high-value items like safes, servers, electronics, or even machines.

The key to success so that the office moving process can run smoothly is with careful organization and planning.  Gatik Packers and Movers – Hyderabad as the Best Office Relocation Service provider in Hyderabad. It has provided excellent service and is trusted by many companies and agencies to handle large, medium and small scale office moving projects.

Here, we will provide tips and a checklist that you should check before starting an office move.

Get a Price Quote From a Moving Office Service Company You may want to compare prices from several logistics companies that provide office moving services. Apart from comparing prices, also pay attention to whether the logistics company you contact meets the following criteria:

  • Experience in moving offices from small to large scale
  • Has a team of experts who are specialized in handling the transfer of valuables (including documents, servers, safes, etc.)
  • Providing comprehensive services ranging from unloading services for furniture / furniture to demolishing services / office reinstatement services
  • Have a clear inventory / office asset data system that makes it easier to identify assets at the time of transfer.
  • Has a guarantee for damage due to trucking

In addition to competitive prices, Southern Express provides the best service for office moving services by providing comprehensive services so that you only need to focus on your business without worrying about moving office problems.

Determine whether you need Moving Office Insurance

If you have valuable items / assets at the time of moving, make sure that you have insurance to protect you from the risk of damage (especially for equipment / machines which if damaged can disrupt operational activities). 

Determine a Budget for Moving Costs

By setting a budget up front, you will avoid spending too much money – especially on processes you may be able to do yourself (such as packaging yourself instead of hiring a professional packing service). Of course, all have their respective advantages and disadvantages. 

Determine the exact date for moving offices

By determining the exact date you can more easily determine the moving plan and also coordinate with the moving service company. 

Notify the Transfer Plan to Internal Employees

Determine the expected expectations regarding the involvement of each employee and the extent to which they must prepare themselves for this office move plan.

Evaluate whether there is equipment that requires special handling

Not all moving work can be done yourself, especially when it comes to valuable special equipment such as machines or servers. The losses incurred by mishandling will far outweigh the savings you had planned. Not to mention if this actually stops the company’s operations. Don’t let this happen!  Gatik Packers and Movers – Hyderabad has a team of experts who are very experienced in handling generator packing and moving services.

Office Relocation Service in Hyderabad

9 Safety Tips


Use the right size boxes.


Put heavier items on the bottoms of boxes, lighter items on top.


Don’t leave empty spaces in the boxes.


Avoid mixing items from different rooms in the same box.


Label each box with the room it’s destined for and a description of its contents.


Tape boxes well.


If you’re moving expensive art, ask your mover about special crating.


Bundle breakables.


Consider other items that will need special treatment.

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